About Us

A real estate agent is someone who finds not only your new house, but opens the door to your new home. It’s a pivotal part of your life and so, you need to Trust your agent and believe that your best interests are always their Number One Priority.

Trust: You will find that people who know me, trust me, not only as a friend, but colleague and agent. I believe trust is one of the most important qualities and live by my own high standards and those of the real estate industry demonstrating high levels of integrity and professionalism.

Client priority: I believe a real estate agent is in the same category as professionals you hire to take care of the people and things that you cherish the most: your family physician, your banker, long-term care provider, veterinarian or child care provider. As a real estate agent, I place the same significance in finding you a home as the professionals you trust with your health, life savings, parents, pets, children.

I am asking you to put it out among your colleagues, friends and family that I am a real estate agent with two key traits: trustworthiness and dedication to my clients, and that I am equipped with the knowledge and drive to find their new home with their best interests in mind while building longstanding relationships.

This is who I am and I hope that word will spread that I live up to my definition of a great real estate agent. I invite you to call me (905) 510-6927 or email me at sabrina@royallepage.ca.


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