5 Reasons to move to Toronto

5 Reasons to move to Toronto

Five Reasons to Live in Toronto – Besides the Dozens Everyone Knows

While the recession bruised and battered other metropolises, Toronto rose phoenix-like from the mess. Downtown is bustling, the real estate market is healthy and thriving, the streets are sparkling clean, and residents praise their city.

Smart sophisticates locate to Toronto every day. Some of this attraction can be attributed to the city’s intelligent financial use, the accountability local politicians are held to, and the rich culture, but there are many more , if lesser known, reasons as well. If you are still on the fence, here are some great reasons to live in Toronto:

Say Cheese!

Yes, with the splendid architecture and intriguing history there are tons of photo ops throughout the city. I’m talking about actual, edible, deliciously gooey cheese though – grilled cheese, specifically. No longer reserved for children and 3 a.m. kitchen raids, Toronto has a popular restaurant specialized in grown up grilled cheese! From the tasty cheddar standard to fior de latte and arugula, residents delight in comfort food gone gourmet.

All Tuned Up

The Royal Conservatory has been around seemingly forever. Dilapidated and sad, with a leaking roof and covered in one hundred years worth of grime, renovation began over a decade ago. At long last, architect Marianne McKenna’s praises can be sung in it’s great hall. Original bricks in multiple hues are clean and beautiful, floors shine, and music once again echoes through the acoustically optimized concert hall. One cannot help but to feel opulent and elegant when taking in a concert at this intimate icon.

The Dead Rise to Greet You

Every October for the last decade, thousands of shambling corpses take part in the zombie march. From Trinity-Bellwoods Park to Bloor Cinema, enthusiastic fans do their best impression of the reanimated. The butcher shop plays background to those inclined to test their decomposing jaw muscles on fresh brain matter and cheer at others carrying signs demanding rights for the undead.

There’s a Bat Cave

No really. A full-fledged bat cave. There is no bat-mobile parked inside, but that just means you get to actually walk around in there! The Royal Ontario Museum has completed revamped their bat cave exhibit – sure to be the highlight of every kid’s (or adult’s) visit. This truly creepy but utterly cool exhibit features hundreds of handmade bats in various activities. There is even a bed of crawling cockroaches, for that disturbingly accurate infestation feel. No detail was spared, even the appropriate amount of guano, which is blessedly odour-free and made of rubber. Actual recording of bats dripping water ensure an immersive, if spooky, experience.

Smart city planning, politics, and headliner entertainment are all great and valid benefits of life in Toronto. To really know the city though is to really love it. The above are merely a handful of examples off the top of my head in a city full gems. Come, explore, and fall in love.

Two Worlds, One Condo in Toronto

Toronto Condos

Why choose a condo?

In any city, condo living has its own brand of allure. The option to build equity without the headaches that plague traditional home owners is at the top of the list. Most condominiums are owned “walls in.” This means that owners rely on the condo corporation to take care of the general upkeep of the property.

Condo owners enjoy manicured grounds and well-kept exteriors, but don’t have to spend their weekends mowing the lawn or painting the siding. Often, big expenses like a new roof are included or significantly reduced in price to the owners.

Typically, condos are located amidst a bustling urban environment. This appeals to those looking to avoid long commutes to work. Ridding yourself of a long commute reduces stress, expense, and frees up time for leisure activities – something so many people seem to be lacking these days.

The time you get back from avoiding long drives to and from work are put to good use when living in the city. That hour can be spent instead at the friendly cafe down the street or the pub with live entertainment on the corner. Easy access to dining, shopping, and entertainment that city life provides is a benefit Toronto condo owners rave about.

Even with all the benefits, condo living isn’t for everyone. People state a drawback to condo ownership is the lack of green space. For some, it’s a difficult choice between urban amenities and mature trees atop lush lawns.

This is where Toronto condominiums shine.

Toronto Condos

More than just a city with abundant parks, Toronto is called “the city in a park.” Here you don’t have to make the difficult choice above. Instead, you can own a piece of Toronto real estate, including all the amenities and low maintenance, and still enjoy shady Oak trees, miles of hiking trails, and even sparkling Lake Ontario water views.

This magical mix of living in the centre of an energized and thriving city while enjoying nature’s bounty is truly an option unique to Toronto condos. The opportunity to live in a financial and cultural epicentre without sacrificing natural splendour is truly the best of both worlds.

Toronto condos come in as vast a variety as their single-family counterparts. From smaller, economical units to spacious condominiums with magnificent views, the choice is yours. Whether your priority is a modern high-rise with all the bells and whistles or a historic pad close to public transportation, I can help you find the right fit.

Amenities offered also vary. Nearly all condos operate with a Condo Corporation to take care of shared spaces like elevators, lawns, and parking. Some also include extras like gyms, pools, on-site security, and even concierge service.

Shopping for Toronto condos presents at least as many, though different, options to navigate as buying a house. It’s important to understand the market, neighborhoods, and intricacies of agreements. Randomly selecting condos to look at can leave you more confused than informed. Often, it is deceiving without knowing the fine print and jargon.

If you are thinking about buying a condo in Toronto, I can help. I have intimate knowledge of the market as well as valuable connections. More importantly though, I am not a faceless brokerage. Choosing a home is a very personal process. I am honored to be involved in such a process and treat each client with the respect and personal attention they deserve.